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Test Android app

This is a test from the Android. WordPress app.

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I have believed for a while that quality of life depends directly on the amount of risk you are willing to take. Part of a person’s risk tolerance must be genetic, but a portion of it is certainly choice. I took very little risk in my life until my late 20’s. Even since then, I’ve […]

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It’s official – We’re Affiliated Woo Workers!

We’ve been approved by the Woo themes team to be Affiliated Woo Workers! What does that mean? Well, we’ve been customizing Woo Themes for our clients pretty much exclusively since 2008. Their code base is solid and their out of the box design is top notch! They often collaborate with top web designers in the […]

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Skype Video calling!

I haven’t had a home phone in about 6 years, since I went completely to using my Moble phone as my one and only phone.  I don’t miss having a home phone, but now that I have started to really use Skype ( I have really gotten into having a “home” phone again.   I know […]

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The Microsoft blindfold

I really hate the new Microsoft commercials.  I don’t know if you have seen any of them, but PLEASE!!  I’m not sure if Microsoft is ever going to get a clue.  They continue to try to beat a dead horse, saying that you must know that I’m definitely not a Mac lover, I’m a PC through […]

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Dell Inspiron 1525

I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron.  I usually work from my desktop, but wanted a little flexibility when I wasn’t at home.  The base model came with a few good things, but I definitely wanted to upgrade some things like the Digital screen, integrated webcam, and of course integrated bluetooth and travel mouse.  Three months […]

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Is Google necessary for small business?

Had lunch with a friend of mine today.  Asked him if he was doing any marketing on Google for his mulit-million dollar business.  He was not and didn’t feel it was necessary as they are getting plenty of new business via word of mouth.  (In all fairness he works for a traditional company that has […]

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