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How Software may have driven two perfectly good airplanes into the ground

Not every problem is best solved with software. As software continues to take over everything around us, problems like the ones afflicting the Boeing 737 Max are going to multiply.

Great article from IEEE Spectrum on how software affects how a pilot can fly a 737 Max.

Fee Free Credit Freezes Now Available to all Americans

In Indiana we’ve had fee free credit freezes available to us for a long time. Now the rest of the country catches up. There is likely not one single thing you can do to protect yourself from hacking (and from yourself) than freezing your credit. Freezing your credit makes it much more difficult for attackers to harm you, even if they have your data, as they can’t open up new lines of credit in your name. Also, you won’t end up picking up a new bass boat on your way home from work, as you’ll have to think about thawing your credit before you agree to take on any debt.

Credit Freezes Will Be Fee-Free – Krebs on Security