Search Engine Optimization

True SEO is not smoke and mirrors.  It is providing relevant information to a particular search.  Google is in the business of providing relevant information to its customers.  Your site should provide highly relevant and detailed information regarding your offerings.  This information should be posted on your site in a way and in a framework that is “friendly” to the search engines.  This means compliant to web standards and Google’s standards.  This doesn’t mean tricking people into clicking on something they don’t actually want, or temporarily gaming the system until Google figures it out and bans your domain from being searched.

What are the benefit’s of Search Engine Optimization?
What is Proactive Networking’s Process?

These are a couple of the most asked questions when we start talking about SEO. Let us help you figure out what will work best and customize a plan for your business.

What SEO can do:

  • Leverage your site’s natural advantages – content, popularity, linking relationships
  • Can deliver substantial benefits at low cost, especially for a “content rich” site
  • Initial investment in SEO can pay off for years to come, if site is continually updated

What SEO can’t do:

  • SEO influences, but does not control, the search engine results – there are no guarantees.
  • Delayed results – after the initial SEO effort, expect to wait at least 2-3 months for significant traffic.
  • Risk of becoming overly dependent on “free” traffic, because results are variable over time.
  • Some modifications to site are required; extent of changes dependent on many factors. A professional SEO consultant can help find the best path to results and ROI.
  • Poorly executed SEO campaigns can lead to search engine penalties and long term harm to the organization’s online presence.

Proactive Networking’s High Level Search Engine Optimization Process:

    Conduct a Business Assessment
    Develop the Keyword Strategy
    Map Keywords to Content
    Optimize Web Pages
    Optimize Site Structure & Internal Links
    Build External Profile (Links)