Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaigns

We will help your business weigh the Pro’s and Con’s of PPC Advertising.

The Pro’s:

  • Predictability – maintain control of costs, operate under a fixed or variable budget, adjust investment seasonally.
  • Immediate and predictable results – start advertising today, get traffic today. For the most part, the PPC advertiser can control where their site appears in search results.
  • Geo-targeting: the ability to restrict advertising to local markets, or deliver different ads to different geographic regions.
  • Tracking ROI is relatively easy. Feedback from PPC campaign results drives ROI higher over time, and can even help with SEO strategy.
  • With a well designed site already in place, minimal “on site” changes are required – just add landing pages.

The Con’s:

  • ROI is heavily dependent on the Website’s ability to convert traffic into sales.
  • Requires an ongoing commitment to measuring, managing, and refining the campaign.
  • Traffic can be brought in immediately, but optimizing and refining a campaign can take months.
  • Depending on the scope of the campaign, developing creatives (ad copy and headlines) can be expensive.
  • PPC may be far more expensive than SEO, although effective PPC campaigns can actually cost less.

Proactive Networking’s High-Level PPC | Pay+Per-Click Advertising Process:

    Conduct a Business Assessment
    Develop a Keyword Strategy
    Map Keywords to Landing Pages
    Create landing Pages
    Develop Ad Copy & Headlines
    Establish Keyword Bids and Launch