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Automatically Mounting USB Passthrough Drives for Windows Backup in a Hyper-V VM

We recently have started deploying Hyper-V in addition to ESXI. One thing we immediately noticed was that USB passthrough was going to be a challenge. As we worked through the problem we found that we could pass a USB Hard Drive through, but as we rotated through the set, our disks did not reconnect. Immediately […]

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It’s official – We’re Affiliated Woo Workers!

We’ve been approved by the Woo themes team to be Affiliated Woo Workers! What does that mean? Well, we’ve been customizing Woo Themes for our clients pretty much exclusively since 2008. Their code base is solid and their out of the box design is top notch! They often collaborate with top web designers in the […]

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Windows Light

Had to get a Windows XP Pro install down to as small as possible to deal with a small hard drive.  The smallest footprint I could get it down to (without going to heroic lengths) was 3.6GB.  This includes all Windows updates through today 3/25/08.  I turned off system restore.  Removed all unneeded Windows programs, […]

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Microsoft: Give us something to work with!

In the first years of the decade we did a brisk business with upgrades to XP and Server 2003. I could easily find compelling reasons for clients to upgrade. So far with Vista, I am at a complete loss. Everyone at our office switched to Vista last year and (almost) everyone switched back to XP. […]

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Vista: Network Connection Properties

How to quickly access Network Connection properties When you’re looking for the Network Connection Properties and you get the Network and Sharing Center, don’t throw your computer on the floor and stomp on it. There’s is an easy way to find it and make a shortcut to it! 1. Click the Start button and in […]

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Vista: Q&A from business clients

Here are a couple of questions from clients regarding Windows Vista this past week. “Im having trouble getting connected to wireless out in public (coffee shops, libraries and some airports). I have a relatively new router at home that works fine. What can I do?” If you’re having problems connecting to public wireless, it may […]

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Vista: Getting rid of the User Account Control

If you have ever seen the Mac commercial were PC has upgraded to VISTA and has to go through his security guard for every request, then you know how true that is with VISTA’s UAC.  It is relatively easy to disable this feature, and can help cure that sense of panic when the screen starts to darken and you think “Oh no what […]

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Windows Vista: Task Manager keyboard shortcut

Back in the “good old days” of XP, you could open the Task Manager by pressing the Control + Alt + Delete keys on your keyboard. In Windows Vista, you’ll open what’s known as the Secure Desktop with that key combination. If you want to open the Task Manager directly, press Control + Alt + Escape (CRTL+ALT+ESC). Presto!

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Windows Vista: How to create an administrative command prompt shortcut

How to create an administrative command prompt shortcut In Windows Vista, if you are logging in to your computer using a limited user account (which is great for security reasons) and you want to run something from the command prompt that requires administrative credentials, you have to open the command prompt as an administrator. You could […]

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