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Cisco Anyconnect VPN on Android (Motorola Droid and Droid2)

The Anyconnect VPN client is now working for Motorola Droid and Droid2 phones. It should also work on other Android phones, but I have not tested. Here’s how for the Motorolas: You’ll need to “root” the phone first. This is simply the process for allowing applications to have greater authority on the phone. In this […]

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VMware Physical to Virtual with CentOS 5

I recently converted a physical CentOS 5 server to a virtual machine on VMWare ESXi 4.0. After the process completed successfully, I was elated since I have several similar servers that must be converted. I was not looking forward to the prospect of reinstalling each server manually and moving data manually. However, my elation quickly […]

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Exchange Unified Messaging and Trixbox 2.8 Howto

Now that Trixbox has incorporated Asterisk 1.6, as of Trixbox 2.8 Beta, configuring it to access Exchange Unified Messaging is pretty simple.  This will be a quick and dirty howto in which I will assume that the reader is somewhat familiar with both Exchange 2007 and Trixbox. Once you have Trixbox installed and working with […]

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Provisioning Polycom IP Phones

This article is meant to be an overview of how to provision Polycom IP phones. I will assume that you alreay have or know how to configure both a tftp server as well as a DHCP server. I will provide example configuration files that you can feel free to modify to fit your environment. I […]

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