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Cheap and easy Network Storage Device – D-Link DNS-321 Diskless System

The D-Link DNS-321 Network Storage Device is a great and CHEAP way to increase your backup storage.

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Going Green by Starting up your computer remotely with WOL

Do you hate to shut down your computer because it takes to long to start it back up.  Or do you want to be able to remote desktop your computer when you are away?  Well each of these usually means you  leave your computer running constantly.  Well you might not have to do that anymore if you […]

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The Future?

Is the future of TV in doubt. Why pay for cable or the dish if you can watch all your shows online?

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Connect your Wii to your laptop for online play

Connect your Wii to your laptop to access the internet. Whether you are using a Mobile Wireless card or at a local hotel with wireless access. You can connect your Wii to your laptop and play online!

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Cell Phone in Every Room of the House!

The Panasonic KX-TH1211 lets you have a phone extension in every room that lets you answer your bluetooth cell phone.

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My Vista story

I thought it might be cool to track how Vista has been running for me.  I recently upgraded to a new desktop computer (Intel Quad 4, 250 HD, 4 gigs RAM), and installed Vista on 3/29/08.  I installed MS Office 07, Adobe Web Premium, Mozilla, Skype, Itunes, Quicktime, and some other minor programs on it.  […]

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Skype Video calling!

I haven’t had a home phone in about 6 years, since I went completely to using my Moble phone as my one and only phone.  I don’t miss having a home phone, but now that I have started to really use Skype ( I have really gotten into having a “home” phone again.   I know […]

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The Microsoft blindfold

I really hate the new Microsoft commercials.  I don’t know if you have seen any of them, but PLEASE!!  I’m not sure if Microsoft is ever going to get a clue.  They continue to try to beat a dead horse, saying that you must know that I’m definitely not a Mac lover, I’m a PC through […]

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Dell Inspiron 1525

I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron.  I usually work from my desktop, but wanted a little flexibility when I wasn’t at home.  The base model came with a few good things, but I definitely wanted to upgrade some things like the Digital screen, integrated webcam, and of course integrated bluetooth and travel mouse.  Three months […]

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Vista: Getting rid of the User Account Control

If you have ever seen the Mac commercial were PC has upgraded to VISTA and has to go through his security guard for every request, then you know how true that is with VISTA’s UAC.  It is relatively easy to disable this feature, and can help cure that sense of panic when the screen starts to darken and you think “Oh no what […]

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