ATT 3gvs. Verizon 3g test results

In an unofficial 3G data test of dozens of points in the Northern Indianapolis area, Verizon consistently beats ATT in 3G download speed and trounces ATT in upload speed.  The test phones were an ATT  iPhone 3GS vs.  Verizon HTC Droid Eris and Verizon Motorola Droid.  Tests were run using the app for Android and iPhone connecting to their Cincinnati server.  Ping times for the Verizon phones were generally around 150ms.  Ping times for the iPhone varied wildly ranging from 400ms to the more typical 2500ms.

ATT download speeds ranged from 800kbps to 2200kpbs, with an average of 1200kbps.  Verizon download speeds ranged from 630kbps to 2850kbps, with an average download speed of 1431kbps.

Verizon owned upload with typical 590kbps upload to ATT’s average 241kbps upload.

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