I am continually amazed how in life there really are no shortcuts.  In sports, one can take performance enhancing drugs to get to where one wants in a short time.  In college I lifted weights with some guys who were “juicing.”  I was amazed at their ability to lift hard and recover quick.  While I needed a day or two off before I could bench press again, they could bench almost every day and their gains were impressive.  Unfortunately for them, they suffered the consequences of “roid rage” and really bad acne .  I’m sure there had to be much worse effects for them in the long run.

In marketing on the web there are no shortcuts either.  A well thought out site, that is well laid out, and deep with relevant content, doesn’t need to have any magic behind it.  Usually, the magic only gets your site in trouble with Google and diverts your efforts from truely providing your potential clients with the information they need to make a buying decision favorable to your company.

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