Need a Referral? Ask Yourself for One!

Last week I was at a client’s office doing some good ol’ IT support – I ordered a new Dell laptop to replace a dead one and I upgraded the memory in another – and I stopped to chat with the owner. We were talking about the economy and how it’s affecting business and in his industry the down economy has been good for business and they were even expanding office space and services. Awesome!

The business owner asked me to quote him on an LCD flat panel monitor that can be used at the end of a conference table so his clients could view some info on his website. I mentioned that we have a another client that already has this set up and it worked great. He asked if Proactive Networking was doing IT Support for them as well and I said that we didn’t do that for them, we designed and built their website and did Search Engine Marketing, including SEO and PPC. He seemed to e a little surprised because he didn’t know we even offered those services. I told him what we were up to and he was excited to talk to us about how we could help his business. 10 minutes after I left his office, he sent this email:

Just had a good conversation with Allan on SEO…. I would be interested in how you guys can help me. I hired a company from east coast that -edited- our corporate office uses and they are doing PPC and (site) Mapping, and we are waiting for SEO until Corp revamps our website. But sometime would like to get your thoughts on what you could do for us

I guess it just goes to show, that we should get the word out to our current clients to remind them of what services we can provide. Good Luck.


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