Working remotely

We have helped a lot of our clients be productive while they are not in the office.  I am writing this from Route 30 East of Dallas, at 75 miles an hour while my wife is driving and my three year old is staring out the window. I have a Sprint wireless card built into my laptop, so for $60/month, I can access the internet from almost anywhere.  I have been on the internet since Arkadephia, AR (two hours ago) and haven’t lost signal yet.  It’s been a bit slow at times, but is entirely workable.  I love using Microsft Outlook with Microsoft Exchange as our backend email server, since this allows me to check email from my phone, my laptop, my desktop, and a web client and they all sync with each other.  Add a contact, task, calendar entry, or delete an email from any device and all of the other devices are updated.  I can access just about any document I need as we scan everything important and store it on our server.  I use Remote Desktop (built into Windows XP and Vista) to remote control my pc at the office to access documents.  This means that no client data is stored on my laptop.  More on this later.

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