Are you taking advantage?

The economy is in the tank.  The recession is “real”.  Guess what, small business keeps on trucking.   Why is small business is the least effected by the downturn?  Because small business owners are practical.  They are cautious.  Are you taking advantage of the competitive advantages that technology can bring to your business?  Now is the time to seize market share.  Is your glass half empty or half full?

Here are a few links to some open source or free products available for small business.

Genbook – Free online scheduling for small businesses. Accept online appointments on the web.

GotoDaily – Find and share coupons, coupon codes, hot deals, promotional codes, and discounts for thousands of online stores.

CollectiveX – Create a Groupsite for Anything!

MindMeister – Collaborative Online Mind Mapping

Give me a call if you need help setting any of this up 🙂

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