My Vista story

I thought it might be cool to track how Vista has been running for me.  I recently upgraded to a new desktop computer (Intel Quad 4, 250 HD, 4 gigs RAM), and installed Vista on 3/29/08.  I installed MS Office 07, Adobe Web Premium, Mozilla, Skype, Itunes, Quicktime, and some other minor programs on it.  I don’t game on it, but do spend lots of time doing web work on it.  Vista has been running without a hitch on it and I don’t have any complaints.  Initially it was a little tricky “getting around” in Vista, but now it is starting to become second nature and I really like it.  I have all of the updates and I do admit I don’t do a lot to “stress” out my computer.  I do like having lots of programs open and flipping between them constantly.  I like having two monitors where one has Dreamweaver on it and the other has Flash.  I’ve had NO blue screens and my last boot was 9/14/08.  That boot, I think, was either for an update or I went on a vacation.  Did I mention I leave my computer on all the time.  I know that isn’t good for conserving energy, but I love coming over to my computer and having it ready to go. 

If you are really geeky and want to find your computer’s system information open up the cmd prompt and type in systeminfo. 


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  1. Brian Stasey November 3, 2008 at 9:47 am #

    Nice post, but everyone knows Vista is crap. I googled “vista crap” and came up with 3,380,000 hits. You can’t drag me along! Hopefully, I’m safe posting this among the other 3,380,000 pages and Microsoft won’t revoke our certification.

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