iPod sound quality

Been running off and on for a couple of years with an iPod.  Never have been impressed.  I always have experienced a rhythmic loss of treble as I run.  It sounds similar to when I used to run with a cheap Walkman playing cassette tapes.

Yesterday, I finally broke with what seemed like an unbreakable protocol and stuck the right earbud in my left ear and left ear bud in my right.  Unbelievably, the sound is now perfect.  I guess the fit of the buds was pressing against my ears and cutting of the sound as I ran.  I’m astounded that it took me this long to figure this out.  I would think that I would have at least put them in the wrong ears by accident once.

When I see R & L, I figure there must be a reason and I never questioned it.  I guess I need to see what other inviolable rules I need to break.

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