Microsoft: Give us something to work with!

In the first years of the decade we did a brisk business with upgrades to XP and Server 2003. I could easily find compelling reasons for clients to upgrade. So far with Vista, I am at a complete loss. Everyone at our office switched to Vista last year and (almost) everyone switched back to XP. I had Vista on my laptop and my desktop for three months. It was the most inefficient three months of my working career. Between long boot and hibernate times, and slow processing times, I couldn’t take it. This with fast dual core processors, 4 gigs of ram, and state of the art video cards. What kind of horsepower do you need to run this beast? Then the constant frustration with all of the settings being moved. Microsoft says that they moved things to make more sense, and that it is what their customers wanted. I’m wondering who these people are, because it just seems like change for changes sake.

What about features? Can anyone fill me in on what your average business user will gain by a Vista upgrade? I would love to be able to tell all of our clients that they need to upgrade, but I can’t come up with reason one. Sure, the aero glass is nice, the widgets are cool, and the new wallpaper is very slick. I’m serious here, I would love to be missing something.

An upgrade to XP, Office XP and Exchange 2003 got you RPC over HTTP. The holy grail in my mind. The ability to seemlessly sync your phone, laptop, office desktop and home desktop pc email. All of your contacts, mail, and tasks, constantly sunk, with whatever machine you happened to be at. Outlook Web Access even took care of you when you were at someone else’s pc. This feature I could sell, even if it was more complex than necessary to set up. Remote desktop of your XP Pro pc was also a very strong salable feature.

Unified Messaging with Exchange 2007 seems to hold some promise. Just don’t install any updates. Everytime we install any of the updates, someone has to spend the next four hours figuring out what the updates messed up. Of course, this has been my experience every time I have delved into a Microsoft 64 bit product.

Can anyone clue me in? Bill?

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