EMC simplifies my life

We have used Mozy online backup for a while.  We only use it as a supplement to a more robust backup strategy running onsite.  It’s nice to be able to look at a graph and see that all of our clients have another layer of backup.

Since EMC bought Mozy they have implemented  a “feature” called grandfathered storage and licensing.  Essentially meaning, there is a price increase, and all of your existing stuff is at the old price and all new purchases will be at a higher price and will be segregated between “server” storage and “pc” storage.  Obviously, server storage is more expensive.  It also is a bit more confusing as only server licenses will work with server storage, pc storage with pc licenses, etc.

Just one more thing to make something complex even more complex.  Thanks EMC.  I guess you do have to support all that overhead though..

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