Wireless Device Integrations

Windows Mobile Smartphones

Let Proactive Networking help you take Microsoft Office wherever you go.

Only Windows Mobile gives you mobile versions of Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook with email, contacts and calendar.

For today’s small business (with no internal IT staff), Windows Mobile powers versatile mobile devices that allow you and your team to:

> Send and receive e-mails
> View and edit your calendar and contacts
> Work on mobile versions of familiar Office software, including Word and Microsoft Office Excel Mobile
> Browse the Internet
> Use hundreds of applications such as maps and GPS

Services Overview

Solutions for Small Business Owners

Together, Windows Mobile devices and the Small Business Server 2003 offer a robust solution. With this solution you can:

> Get Direct Push e-mail delivery when you are out of the office
> Receive over-the-air updates of your calendar, contacts, and task lists
> Benefit from enhanced security management features — including remote wipe if your device is lost or stolen
> Use server-based mobile applications

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