Cheap and easy Network Storage Device – D-Link DNS-321 Diskless System

The D-Link DNS-321 Network Storage Device is a great and CHEAP way to increase your backup storage.  I have recently purchased this device and it was a breeze to install.  It comes with a RJ-45 port at 10/100/1000M for attaching to your network and using the CD provided it finds, formats and will map the drives for your use.  I was really surprised when I opened up the box and realized that it is a small and compact device.  I put two 1 TB drives into it and then used the CD to connect to the device.  The first time through it formatted the drives and then I was able to change setting like passwords and give it a static IP.  Now I have more space and it took almost no time!  I haven’t really put it through it’s paces, but you can also open it up and FTP into it to retrieve files.  I can’t wait to explore this device more!

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