Going Green by Starting up your computer remotely with WOL

Do you hate to shut down your computer because it takes to long to start it back up.  Or do you want to be able to remote desktop your computer when you are away?  Well each of these usually means you  leave your computer running constantly.  Well you might not have to do that anymore if you decide to use WOL or Wake-on-LAN.

I currently have a computer down in my basement that attaches to my LCD TV in the living room via HDMI.  I use a Logitech Bluetooth enabled keyboard/mouse combo to access the computer to run my videos, pictures, and Internet on my TV.    I have had to leave the computer running all the time or else choose to go down to the basement to turn on the PC each time I wanted to use it.

Well not anymore!  The router I use (Linksys WRT54GL) was recently upgraded to run dd-wrt (which is new software that can do more than the default software installed on the router when you first get it), and this allows us to use WOL (inside my network) without additional software installed on the computers.  Basically I had to enable the computer to be turned off and on, and then enable it in the dd-wrt menu.   Now I’m able to use my IPod Touch to turn on my PC whenever I want.

You can also set this up to function outside your network so you can remotely start your PC and access it via remote desktop applications.  This is another great way to save money and still get the functions you want.  Below is a quick list on how to get your WOL working.  Of course 1st you must make sure that your motherboard has WOL.  To do this you need to access the Bios and enable WOL.

1.  On the computer you want to wake up go to Device Manager and find the network card.  Select Properties and choose Power Management select the 1st two check boxes.  Then go to Advance and make sure WOL is enabled there.

2.  Check your Bios to make sure WOL is enabled.

3.  On the dd-wrt menu choose Administration tab and WOL tab.

4.  Check mark the computer you want to WOL and then in the WOL Addresses you can use the “Wake Up” button to wake up the PC.

It’s that easy!  Hope that help some of you out there.  If you don’t have dd-wrt or want to use a a program on the PC you can download Magic Packet Sender and do pretty much the same thing.

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