The Future?

Everyone is always looking for the next great thing.  With the economy on the downside many people are also looking to save money.  One thing I have started to consider is not paying for cable/dish TV.  I keep asking myself  “Why pay for something that I can get online?”   Now you can get almost any show, including the news, online.  The only thing that is keeping me paying “the man” for TV is for live sporting events.  I have already started to investigate watching sports live online and may blog more about this in the future. 

You can already download or stream your favorite movies from places like Netflix or Blockbuster, so why not just go online for everything?  Just hook up your laptop or computer to your LCD/Plasma TV and connect to the Internet.  If you go wireless, HD will be a problem if you are streaming.  And not all the content on the web is HD, but if you aren’t concerned or are willing to wait many of these issues will be addressed!


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