Cell Phone in Every Room of the House!

Ever want to be able to have the flexibility of a mobile phone, but also be able to set it down at home and when someone calls be able to answer on any of your home phones.  Well the Panasonic KX-TH1211 and 1212 have done that for me.  With a bluetooth enabled cell phone and the Panasonic KX-TH1211 you can set the Panasonic to connect automatically with your cell phone.  If someone calls you at home it will ring to as many Panasonic extensions as you want to add. 

I have been using this product for about 2 months and so far have pretty positive news.  It was a little hard to get used to at first because I was always wanting to run and answer my cell, but soon I was very happy just picking up an extension in the room I was located.  You can connect up to two cell phones and if you still want your landline you can have it on there too.  You can’t text message or get email and you have to put in any phone numbers you wish to know on the Panasonic.  You also don’t always get the greatest sound quality, but I find it passable for the majority of my calls.  I had both my wife’s and my cell phone connected, but because I kept messing with it I had to reset the system and then had a little trouble putting my wife’s cell back on.  We both use Centro phones from Sprint, but since I put mine back on I haven’t had any trouble at all!  The only other problem is I now don’t have the excuse that I couldn’t get to my cell phone to answer it.

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