Skype Video calling!

I haven’t had a home phone in about 6 years, since I went completely to using my Moble phone as my one and only phone.  I don’t miss having a home phone, but now that I have started to really use Skype ( I have really gotten into having a “home” phone again. 

 I know that there are other programs out there that do about the same thing, but the video quality is excellent and you can conference call (without the video) on Skype too.  It is all for free if you and the person you are “calling” have skype accounts.  I am really trying to make everyone I call get a Skype account so that when I’m home I can call them on Skype and see them too if they have a webcam. 

 It isn’t like the old days where you only got one frame every 20 seconds or so.  Now it is full motion video and the quality is very good (for video calling).  The only problem I have is that you can’t video conference.  If you have at least a microphone and speakers you should really check it out!

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