The Microsoft blindfold

I really hate the new Microsoft commercials.  I don’t know if you have seen any of them, but PLEASE!!  I’m not sure if Microsoft is ever going to get a clue.  They continue to try to beat a dead horse, saying that you must know that I’m definitely not a Mac lover, I’m a PC through and through. 

Microsoft really needs to drop their ad agency and admit that they made a mistake with Vista.  It isn’t any better than XP and the product thing with multiple products is confusing.  The average consumer doesn’t understand enough about the differences between Home, Home Premium, Business, and Ultimate to determine a reason to purchase anything other than the cheapest.  Nor do they even understand why they need to upgrade to Vista from XP.  The commercial with the “New” operating system (which is actually Vista) is SO DUMB!  Add to that the “I’m a PC” commercial that makes me think that I don’t want to be a PC anymore.  And don’t get me started on the Bill Gates and Sienfeld thing.

Please Microsoft open up just a little and start letting others contribute to your platform, or at least find some real innovative things to put into a new OS.  Keep that new OS to one or two products.  Finally get a new ad agency that will market your product so that we can talk about how funny and exciting your commercial is about your new OS. 

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